PSA Announcement Proposal

Digital Production

PSA Announcement Proposal

Heather Birge, Sarah Owens, Rachel Aguilar, Peyton Pruclomme, Sachiko Jayaratne

  1. What we plan to do: Creating a PSA announcement video addressing peer pressure in college
    1. Why: We want to inform people on the dangers of peer pressure in college, mainly drinking and smoking.
    2. The arc of the story: The arc of the story will be scenes of young college kids drinking and making bad decisions.
    3. The effect of the story: The effect of the story will be kids preparing themselves for peer pressure and knowing how to say no to it.
    4. The proposed audience: College students and soon to be college students  
  1. How we plan to achieve it:
    1. Objectives: Create a visually enticing PSA announcement video that will both engage our audience, while hopefully provoking a deep and emotional response.  
    2. Who’s doing what:
  1. Heather Birge: Script and Storyboard
  2. Sarah Owens: Videography, lighting, will help with storyboard
  3. Sachiko Jayaratne: Audio and Editing
  4. Peyton Pruclomme: Editor Assistant
  5. Rachel Aguilar: Storyboard Assistant
    1. Needed Equipment: I have a 5D mark iii & then a back up 5D mark ii with  several lenses (50mm 1.2, 35mm 1.6, 100mm, 70-200mm), reflector, microphone (rent from library)

III. Timeline For Production Piece:

9/2: Complete storyboard & script

9/9: Complete footage

9/10-9/15: Edit and revise

9/26: Present project to class

PSA Script: College Drinking Party Peer Pressure

Group: Sachiko, Sarah, Peyton, Heather, Rachel


Slug: College Drinking Party Peer Pressure

Date: September 16, 2016

TRT: 1 minute 56 seconds


TS of Crystal walking to library (0:05 s)

WS of library (0:03 s)

TS of Crystal opening door (0:03 s)

TS of Crystal staring at computer studying (0:05 s) Insert text  graphics

TS of Crystal taking notes (0:06 s) Insert text graphics

WS of group of friends approaching Crystal in Library (0:08 s)

MS of friends persuading Crystal to come to party (0:07 s)

MS of Crystal internally conflicted (0:06 s)

MS of Crystal pushing books aside and joining friends (0:04 s)

WS of everyone walking away (0:09 s)

MS of Crystal walking into party with friends (0:08 s)

WS of Party (0:10 s)

TS of cups and drinking (0:06 s)

MS of dancing (0:12 s)

TS of dancing (0:04 s)

WS of Crystal chugging alcohol (0:04 s)

TS of Crystal chugging drink (0:03 s)

MS of Crystal passed out on couch (0:04 s)

TS of head tilted to side (0:03 s)

Black screen with text graphic “Drink Responsibly” (0:05 s)




VO of outside speaker, “College peer pressure to binge drink poses serious health and safety risks.”

VO of outside speaker,“Government statistic show that about 1,825 college students die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, 97,000 experience alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape.”

Background music

Background music

VO of Crystal, “I have so much studying to get done, and a huge exam tomorrow morning. I mean look at all these pile of books. I don’t know if I should go to this party or not. Ugh, but it sounds so fun!”

VO of Crystal “Screw it. I’m going.”

Background music

Background music

Background music

Background music

Background music

Background music

VO of outside speaker, “Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.”

VO of outside speaker, “Right is right even if no one is doing it.”

VO of outside speaker, “Avoid College Drinking Peer Pressure.”

VO of outside speaker, “Drink responsibly.”

(# # #)

Group Pre-Production Activity

Team: Heather Birge, Sarah Owens, Dalise Devose, Sachiko J.

Describe the story here -> This video will be a Prius promotional video, sponsored by Gary Johnson. Our target market will be millennials, and distributed via multimedia. Everything will be shot in Colorado on windy roads, Gary Johnson will be smoking weed wearing Birkenstocks.

1. Fast, Fuel-efficient, and friendly
2. Gary Johnson driving a Prius, smoking weed out the window driving down a smooth, Colorado road wearing Birkenstocks
3. Endorse Gary Johnson and promote environmentally friendly cars
4. yes
5. Shoot in 3 weeks
6. Millennials
7. Post video on many social medias
8. pre-production (scripting, getting materials), Production (shooting), Post-Production (Editing)
9. Yes. Travel fees, food, production team costs, equipment
10. Director, Script-writer, Director’s assistant, Producer, Camera-man, Editor, Intern, Audio Sound guy.

Human Interest Story of Grace

– The Proposal

Commitment statement: This human interest story is seeking to accomplish the documentation of a Christian woman’s testimony, and life after the powerful transformation of Jesus. It will exhibit crisp, clean film footage, be saturated in beautiful light, and contain moments of warmth and intimacy. This video will strive to bring the viewer on a journey of faith, almost as if they were there in the moment.

Arc of the story: The arc of the story will come when Ciera discusses the impact that grace has had on her life, as well as how that has affected her day-to-day life. This will be shot as a medium frame of Ciera in an interview type format and will be the climax of intensity within the video. It will be a bit darker in exposure that will transition into a much lighter, well-exposed detail images of Ciera meeting friends and enjoying company to contrast the internal spiritual  transformation of “dark to light.”

What the viewer is likely to see: In this video, the view should expect to see beautiful, ethereal, and organic shots of nature, with a focus on light. There will be detailed shots of the main subject doing daily tasks such as making coffee, making her bed, pulling her hair back, reading her Bible, journaling, meeting with friends (community group), contemplating life, and looking into the distance for dramatic effect. The audio will be voiced over several b-roll shots, with a few frames of Ciera sitting and talking to an interviewer that will be unseen in the corner. It essentially will be a “day in the life of a Christ follower,” with hints of a memoir feel throughout the story.

Reason viewer would be interested: The audience would be interested in this story to gain insight into the life of a Jesus follower. The story will provide an inside look into a Christians story of grace through personal experience.

Source contact information:

Main Character: Ciera Chante Knabe


Phone Number: 817-437-7475

Extras (Community Group Members)

Lauren Taylor:

Madeleine Courvoisier:

– The Final Feature Story Video

– The Final Feature Story Written 

September 11th, 2001 is a date that holds heavy grief, and sorrow for many in the United States. However, for Ciera Chante, a 23-year-old wedding, and lifestyle photographer, this date was the start of a lifelong journey of knowing Christ and making Him known.

“Growing up in a Christian home I was raised with good morals and an understanding of who Jesus was, but it was not until later in life that that understanding would depend on and become the forefront of my life,” Ciera said.

In high school, Ciera was deeply church by the church and swore off Christianity as a result.

This sent her into a self-protective mindset, and she thought that if she did not let people get close to her, they would not have the power to hurt her.

“Having people around you, but none of them actually knowing me fully only left me more isolated,” said Ciera.

In 2012 during a young women’s retreat, Ciera met several girls who loved her unconditionally and restored a new found sense of community in her heart. However; it did not take long for conflict to arise, but this time it was different.

“Hurt people, hurt people and running into conflict with my closest friend at the time caused me to fall back into old patterns and withdraw from the friendship,” said Ciera.

“Thankfully, despite my rejection of her she continued to love me, pursue me, and ultimately show me the heart of Christ.”

Ciera said, “No matter how far we run away from God, he is always there waiting for us to return.”

After experiencing a whole new depth and understanding of grace, Ciera joined a community group at Watermark Church in Fort Worth.

Madeline Courvoisier, a member of Ciera’s community group for the past two years, said, “I think a huge area of growth I have seen in Ciera this past year is her confidence in her identity in Christ, and whom He has created her to be.”

“One of her greatest gifts is the ability to listen actively she will hear all you have to say before responding with truth, and that is a true rarity these days.”

Lauren Taylor, another community group member, said “Ciera is one of the most caring and intentional people I know. She has faithfully pursued a friendship with me, and loved me despite my flaws and imperfections.”

“Madeline is right when she says Ciera is a rarity, she is a steadfast friend who loves unconditionally, counsels biblically admonishes faithfully, and is devoted to Gods word daily. The transformation in her life has been a beautiful thing to witness.”

Ciera now spends her days running her wedding and lifestyle photography business, while working part time at Watermark Church serving in the children ministry.

Ciera said, “It has been so life giving to be in a place where I can use the gifts and talents the Lord has given me.”

“I have been put out of my comfort join by working within the church, but it has pushed me to learn how to engage in conversation with people in ways my introverted personality could never have imagined.”

Despite all the past hurt Ciera has experienced, Jesus has proven himself to be sufficient enough for her heart, and she is continually in awe of how the Lord loves and pursues her.

“I was shown who Jesus was and how He relentlessly pursues us through my friends, and I hope to live the rest of my life doing the same,” Ciera said.


Valeria Rodriguez: A Story of Immigration


Tears filled her eyes as she said, “I was just afraid. I felt hopeless. It felt unfair. It wasn’t a decision that I made, but rather a life that I had no choice but to step into.”

Valeria Rodriguez, a full-time worker for Catholic Charities and part time TCC college student, holds a unique story of immigration.

Born in Cuidad Acuña, Mexico, Rodriguez had no idea that at age three her life would dramatically change.

“I had a great childhood, but one of the biggest struggles I had growing up was fear of losing my parents,” Rodriguez said.

At age three Rodriguez, her mother, and father, moved to Fort Worth, Texas to tend to her ill grandfather who was sent sent to John Peter Smith Hospital.

View Map:

“The intention was always to go back,” said Rodriguez, “but during our stay, my father landed a great job, found a home to rent, and things back in Acuña started to become dangerous with the drug cartel, so we overstayed our Visa.”

Language was a huge barrier for Rodriguez; however, when she began kindergarten a kind friend translated the teachers materials for her.

“My family and I learned English because of my kindergarten homework,” Rodriguez said.

Growing up, Rodriguez always feared her mother or father would be deported. Both of her siblings were born in the United States, and received automatic citizenship; however, that is not her story.


“The DACA program changed everything for me. I finally felt like I had a chance to better myself and pursue something that made a difference,” said Rodriguez.

As a teenager, Rodriguez worked at a Bazaar that paid 5 dollars an hour but knew she never wanted to stay there. Her mother is a McDonald’s employee, and father a mechanic, but Rodriguez wanted to pursue a higher education.


The Dream Act (DACA), provided Rodriguez with a social security number, and the freedom to pursue an education.

However, with political tensions continually on the rise, these school, work, and opportunities for future growth and success are currently threatened.

val-sarahdelanie10480“My parents are Christian first, and then their politics follow. They are very conservative, and my dad always taught me the value of hard work,” Rodriguez said. “I definitely swing between the two parties, but as of right now – regardless of how selfish it is – I think Hillary would be the best President for me because she supports DACA.”

Rodriguez says that her backup plan if Trump becomes President, and DACA is taken away, is she will move back to a beach town in Mexico, learn to surf, and teach English as a second language.

“God has always been so good to me. I know He won’t stop now. I trust Him regardless of the outcome,” says Rodriguez.