Social Media: The Value of Adding Value

I like to think that most millennials get a high off of building large social media platforms, at least I know I do. Facebook was pivotal is launching my personal business, and I am now watching Instagram slowly sneak in to take its place. All of that to say, growing an engaged social media following is crucial to the growth of any business this day and age.

Jasmin Stars blog, “How to Quickly Grow Your Social Media” condensed and clarified a few very valuable tips and tricks. My favorite line?

“NO ONE WANTS TO READ YOUR STUFF…if you first don’t find a way to help or add value to their lives first.”

Relationship marketing has become essential in the business world, so it only makes sense for it to trickle down into building social media platforms. Let us take a step back for a second and talk about friendships. If you had a friend who did nothing but talk about themselves all the time (which let’s be real, some of us do), would you be inclined to stay engaged in that friendship, or would you slowly try and distance yourself?


Building social mediums requires this same concept. It is okay to post the occasional self with a witty comment if that is your vibe, but too much of that is exhausting and uninteresting.

It order to build and maintain these followers, you have to give them value. Hence “the value of adding value” concept. Ask yourself what it is you are offering your viewer?

I  was recalling in a business communications class I took a semester ago, the professor relentlessly emphasized the YOU writing concept. Always write for your reader, always.

Sometimes these ideas and concepts seem so basic, but you would be surprised at how many people miss the mark. Do you think that there is value in adding value to your social media posts?


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