College Student Thoughts: Should I Work for Myself?

“So, what are your plans once your graduate?”

That is a question every college student is all too familiar with. There are so many emotions tethered within those eight little words, that it can often seem overwhelming. There is so much talk about getting a job, and working for an employer, which is great and much needed (don’t get me wrong), but what about being self-employed?


Granted, I am utterly biased in this department being I have been self-employed since I was 12 (no joke), but gosh I would love to see students empowered to create businesses of their own if that is something they desire. The entrepreneurship path is certainly not for everyone, but it is worth looking at closely, so scoot up your chair, grab a cup of coffee, and let us chat this out. I am a firm believer that sometimes all it takes is for someone to say,

“Yes, you can do this.”

To change everything.

I think Jenna Kutcher‘s blog about the Ten Things No One Tells You About Working for Yourself, is a good place to start in analyzing if your personality type is cut out for this kind of a career. There is so much truth to what she has to say, so I copied three of my favorite points she had to make, but if you have the time, you should definitely pay her blog a little visit.

  • Life will feel like one big date from Suddenly you have no work friends, no reason to put on real pants, and you begin to question who the hell are your friends or if you even have any. Welcome to the phase of life where every interaction feels like an awkward set up from eharmony. Don’t say I didn’t warn you but I encourage you to nail down friendships before making this leap so you don’t keep talking to oranges (refer back to #1.)
  • You quit that 9-5 job so that you could work less, be with friends more, and chase those dreams, right? Well, get ready to work from 7-9… wait, that’s 14 hours, yup. Us entrepreneurs, we have an extra chromosome of hustle in us that forces us to become workaholics. The best part is that you’ll likely rather work 80 hours for yourself than 40 for someone else but now is your chance to mentally prepare.
  • You’ll want to quit (more than once.) Somewhere along the way you will question everything: the house, the job, the career change, the dreams. You will lay in a pile of tears all alone in your yoga pants and think that you can’t possibly go on. You will daydream of working at Walmart and how little responsibility you will have until you come to and remember that you are doing what you love.


In a nutshell, working for yourself feels like a series of really awkward dates, sleepless nights, and tears, but at the end of the day, it is worth every second when you get to do what you love.

Sweet college student friends of mine, have you ever contemplated working for yourself once you graduate? Are you working on building a business now, or have a hope of starting one in the future? Or maybe entrepreneurship is not your cup of tea? Talk to me!



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