The Perks of Content Marketing

Hello, friends!


I am so excited to be blogging about a topic that I have recently developed a new passion for – content marketing! I am such a believer that this dimension within the marketing field is going to be pivotal in the future of business, and that is why I want to share some of the perks of implementing this marketing strategy in your business today.beingbe-sarahdelanie8327

This year I began shooting social media content for BeingBe and Keisha Newton, two lovely fashion bloggers located in the DFW area. It has been so fun getting my feet wet in this content photography market and has allowed me to begin thinking about changes that need to be made in my own business as a destination wedding and lifestyle photographer. I am hoping that once December rolls around, and busy season comes to a halt, that I will be able to sit down and reanalyze my marketing strategies and make changes that will be beneficial to the growth of my business.beingbe-sarahdelanie8316

College student + small business owner = no small feat

Jackie Roy, in her article “24 stats about the importance of content marketing” creates a lovely list of sources to persuade you on the perks of this practice.

James Keady, digital marketing manager for McLaren Automotive, a British automotive manufacturer, said this:

“Content is the voice of your brand, and it is, therefore, important to allocate the respect, investment, and focus it requires. Creating great content is difficult, and delivering great content consistently through established processes is complex. However, this is what is required if you want to take your brand from good to great in today’s communication environment.”

Three of my favorite points Roy makes are the following:

  • Per dollar, content marketing produces roughly three times as many leads.
  • Twenty percent of users’ time is spent surfing the Internet on content-led websites.
  • Content marketing costs less than traditional, outbound marketing. Statistics show that content marketing costs 62 percent less per lead handout bound marketing.

Personally, Facebook alone has been a huge factor in the growth of my business as a young entrepreneur, and beefing up content consistency, and follower interaction is something I hope to change very soon.

What are your thoughts on the benefits of content marketing? Do you think that we are becoming a more visually driven/captivated society? Lets chat about it! 




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