Tri Beta Welcomes Motivational Speaker and Scientific Writer

     Texas Wesleyan University’s national honors society, Tri Beta, gathered on Tuesday, Oct. 6, to listen to a guest speaker from UT Southwestern Medical Center.


    Charlene Supnet, Ph.D., a scientific writer for the Department of Neurology and Neurotherapeuticsneurology, spent the afternoon presenting a motivational speech to undergraduate students on how she got from point A to point B in her career. 

    “Things you’ve done in the past, do not dictate your peak,” said Dr. Supnet.

    After receiving a 2.75 GPA during her undergraduate years, Dr. Supnet graduated with her Doctor of Philosophy (Biomedical Science) in 2009 with a 4.0 GPA. 

    “Just because somebody tells you you can’t do something, you can. You just have to find a way to do it,” she said. “Have high standards for yourself and let that push you through.” 


    Philip Trammell, 30, and a senior at Wesleyan found Dr. Supnet’s seminar inspiring. 

    “Well, it’s encouraging that her GPA was low, and she was still able to get ahead in her career,” Trammell said.

    Ashley Axelrod, 30, a senior at Wesleyan, and the Vice President of Tri Beta, said,

“Dr. Supnet has a reputation for finding a way to accomplish workplace happiness. I wanted to hear how she made her own way.”

    Additionally, Axelrod was taken back by Dr. Supnet’s undergraduate GPA.

    “It just goes to show that hard work will pay off more than a GPA,” she said.

Benjamin Miller, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor of biology, said,

“everybody finds their place, that’s what’s so amazing.” 

     The Tri Beta national honors society will continue to hold several prominent speakers this fall, and all faculty and staff are invited to lunch and listen.